There are 3 worksheets related to the topic of Shape, which you can print and photocopy.

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 1 is a picture which shows the main two dimensional shapes with their names. This worksheet may be used in a number of situations:
  • As a reference sheet when the you are working on related activities
  • As a detective's tool - hunt around the classroom, looking for different shapes (e.g. square windows, rectangular tables). Try to use the sheet to help with the names of the shapes.
  • Shapes Game - Cut out the shapes and turn them over, so the name is facing down. The teacher or classmate should point to a shape, and you should shout out the name of that shape. The shape is then turned over to see if you were correct.

Worksheet 2

Colour the Shapes
This is a picture of lots of shapes. Colour in the different shapes using the colours identified in the key.

Squares RED, Rectangles BLUE, Circles GREEN,
Ovals ORANGE Pentagons PINK, Triangles YELLOW and Hexagons PURPLE

Worksheet 3
Worksheet 3 requires the children to count the different types of shapes, and fill in their answers in the table on the worksheet.

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